Thursday, 22 March 2012

Importance of Backing Up

This may seem obvious as you read it but surprisingly many people do not back up their most important files.  This process simply gets forgotten or maybe put off "until next week".  The magnitude of the situation is if Windows gets damaged or has a severe virus and needs re-installing.

The main folders that I am talking about relate to My Documents, Pictures, Music & even favourites or bookmarks.  When you log onto the internet you just go to the bookmarks and click to navigate to your favourite websites.  Imagine starting again and trying to remember the sites that you enjoy going to!

Of course their are ways to backup using external devices such as hard drives or DVDs or maybe online backing up.  Use whichever one you like but remember that it is there to make life easier to make sure that the files that are important to you are safe.

If the worst happens and a backup was not made then HC Computers can retrieve these files if the hard drive is not damaged.

I hope this has jogged your memory to do a backup sooner than later.