Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Why Is My Computer Slow?

When you first bought your PC or laptop it was so fast and new.  After time it has slowed down but you have not noticed it until it finally takes a while to even go into a webpage.

When you are trawling the internet looking at sites your computer gathers this information as well as setting aside temporary files to help run the PC.

Now these cause the PC to slow down as they have to be loaded in order before you can use the computer.  You can delete these however by typing in %temp% into the run section of the Windows Start bar.  

This then brings up a Windows Explorer window with a group of files and folders.  If you select all then delete this will then get rid of them.

Another way to speed up your PC is to move files from the Desktop.  Sometimes files are downloaded onto the Desktop and never removed.  These will cause the PC to load slowly if they are too big.

There is nothing quite like giving your PC a memory boost though.  Sometimes you try these and short of re-installing the machine there is nothing left to do then try to install more memory.