Monday, 11 April 2011

Virus Infection on your PC.

Gone are the days now that a virus infection is caused by "dodgy sites".  Yet people still think that is the cause.  When I have a customer who has a virus there are two lines which commonly are said.  It is either "the computer has a virus, he must have been on some dodgy sites" or "my computer has a virus, I haven't been on any dodgy sites honestly."
The virus website stigma is still there.  Some viruses are attached to sites of current interest or latest big news story.  It doesn't take much to put a website up with the headline that will grab you, copy and paste the story etc and have the virus attach as soon as you visit.
When you do an internet search you mainly click on the websites on the first page, when an industry is worth over $150m dollars then they have the financial backing and know how to get their site on that first page.  Sometimes the safebrowser aspect of you internet browser cannot detect that it is a malicious site and then you are infected.  All you can do is make sure that your anti virus is up to date and do regular checks, getting rid of any minor infections and make sure you are going to safe websites.

PS.  Any site with a virus is a dodgy site.  Dodgy no longer just means you know.... nudge nudge dodgy.

Harry  (not a dodgy site).